Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vincent and his Monkeys

Life is never boring around here.. I will give you that.  :)  I have been going insane getting everyone well from the pooping factory- I am pleased to announce that Vincent is all better and out of his diaherria stage yay!! I have never seen that much poop OMG.  

Now.. Tori's swing was dying... so she would not nap good for mama at all-  I am used to the short naps in the morning but I really LIVE for the naps in the afternoon because that (2-3 hour) nap she takes in the swing is the ONLY time all day I am able to get things done as well as you can with a 2 year old that tries to help.  Vincent really enjoys helping "clean"  He will wipe things clean and he really enjoys running around the house with a broom and screaming.  I am not sure if he thinks he is helping when he does that or if it is for fun?  :)  He is starting to understand when Mommy cleans its time to settle down and help or go somewhere else and do a quiet activity while mommy is busy.  

We now have Netflix at our house despite the captioning crisis over at Netflix that has many deaf/hh folks up in arms and angry.  Andy wanted more access to different things for gaming and movies and shows... and there are "some" very limited things that are captioned.   I am hoping that since some deaf folks and NAD are suing them for violation of ADA act and blah blah blah (yea I didn't do research) that things will start speeding up for more access for deaf folks. There is no excuse since hulu and youtube have the ability to caption now.. so netflix really needs to get its butt moving.  Anyway- yesterday while i was trying to figure out how to keep one kid occupied and run around with the other in a carrier or vice versa.. I decided to turn on netflix to see what they had for little kid movies... and they have a pretty amazing full selection.  Vincent saw this movie about a Monkey and wanted to see it......... yes ladies and gentlemen... we have a CURIOUS George fan in the house- and nothing makes me happier because as a little girl I loved him too.  I said Ok, you want to watch this with your juice and blanky and eat ur fish and be quiet as can be so Mama can clean?  he nodded eagerly... and I said ok. I was thinking in my head this is NOT going to last long or end well.  I started the movie and Vincent was jabbering excitedly- Mama look, Monkey (points at screen and signs monkey) Yes Monkey vincent It is a Monkey movie.  Vincent sat for the longest time about 20 mins then he moved for a little bit... then something more exicting happened in the movie so he settled down again and watched it until the end.  I was AMAZED.  My 2 year old- he is SO busy all day and wants to run, play jump and bounce......actually sat and watched a entire full length movie at 85 mins long............ and he got delighted in the fact he could sign to me all the animals he saw in the movie. It makes me sad that my little boy is growing up but at the same time- it gives me a little more freedom (haha!) to do a few things quick without him hanging on to me, or victoria is asleep and he wont nap.  It was the most relaxing 85 minutes except for him talking about all the animals.  :)  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little boy so content with his life. 

Victoria is still working on rolling over. I am not sure if I have mentioned that Tori has been able to lay on her side since she was about 2 weeks old- she is making every attempt to roll on her tummy from her back.  She abosutely hates tummy time on the floor so she does it while she is on mama and no rollling- that scares me! 
She just turned 4 months old and now is laughing when she sees her brother do something funny, or daddy or me.  she LOVES to be held though and is starting to like her bouncer less and less.  I am exploring options for a new chair for her that is a "big girl" chair.  I got this Infant to Toddler chair for vincent and he loves it and still uses it to sit in to read books or watch t.v.  I had tori sit in it the other day and he did not like it one bit. and tori did seem to like it but it is more upright than her old one, so i am thinking she was not used to having to support her weight more.  We will see what happens and the progress she makes. :) 

Vincent is in a monkey phrase right now... he loves the song 5 monkeys jumping on the bed and he loves curious george now.... guess maybe his pooh days are far behind him? NEVER... he still takes pooh and tigger and his beloved pooh blanky every night to bed.  you can't go wrong with pooh. ever. :)

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