Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pooping Factory

So- excuse me- I haven't been on in a few days.... For over a week now- our househould has turned into a pooping factory!  Vincent must have picked up a flu virus while we were running errands-which means time for me to buy sanizter again and not go to the store as much during the fall/winter season again.  Anyways, He picked up a virus and experienced no pain like other, and could not stop pooping.  Friday-after a week of this and the poop was nasty smelling anyway- I took him in to make sure it was not anything more serious- he had a virus.  Great.  I love viruses just beause you have to let it run its course.  

It had seemed Vincent was starting to feel better- oh when he threw up...........then he was NOT feeling well at all.  Andy got the pooping flu too......and was sick all weekend.. so far Tori and I have been spared from it.  

Last night, I was constantly struggling between trying to clean and make sure the kids were happy and ok, as well as andy (my 3rd child!)  Vincent had just pooped, so I changed him and Andy ran to the bathroom and did what he had to- I was kind of aghast-I did just clean the toilet yesterday morning and andy has to plaster his artwork as soon as possible (this is a running joke between us because i will never understand why he wants to do that!) I was sitting with Victoria SHE then decided to join the boys and start pooping and it exploded outside of the diaper.. leading to the 4th clothing change.. I said out loud.. well guys- Mama was going to clean but you kids keep on pooping!!! Andy who was watching Arthur on netflix- I am so jealous he can watch Netflix anytime he wants. Anyway-he turned his head and looked at me and seriously started to laugh and laugh and laugh.  I just looked at him and laughed too just because the amount of diapers and poop i've had to deal with in the past 7 days is just ridicilious.  I have never seen so much poop in my entire life.  

I guess our Family can safely start a poop factory.... after all we churn the stuff out good! :) 

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