Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life... Death... Circle of life

It has been a sad couple days for our family.  Andy's Sister-(my "sis in law") horse passed away early yesterday morning while in surgery.  It got me to start thinking all day about Life, and Death.  I must explain how this came about.
A year ago, our beloved dog- Trooper, who was the sweetest English Mastiff puppy we ever had passed away from something questionable.. and we couldn't save him.  It was then, I too, pondered the true meaning of life... and the circle of life.. and how to begin to understand and accept death.

Yesterday morning- I had found out Noel died.  I loved the name Noel because it always reminded me of christmas and the great joy Christmas brings.  You know- the first noel.  Well, Noel was the best first noel I've ever met and will always remember.  I met Noel 2 years ago- not by sight or visiting but in andy's sister's senior pictures-he was a beautiful horse- and I had then told her I can't wait to meet him he's so beautiful  and you look so happy on him.  a year later, I finally got my chance.  Noel was too sick to trot and run like the other horses in his hall- and stall mates. Despite that- he was gracious and happy to see pepole visiting him and asked for a million carrots.  He seemed to understand Vincent ( who was only about 16 months then) was small and was willing to let vincent say hi and pat him on the head.  he had those big beautiful brown eyes.  Now, being 5'1-5'2.. I don't really like HUGE animals (funny because I LOVE mastiffs and theyre BIG for dogs haha) but Horses kind of make me nervous.  andy's Mom and sisters are so comfortable around horses and they can walk around them like it is nothing.  :) 
Noel had been sick with some health issues for a while.. but this death was very sudden, everyone was very postive he was going to make it through the surgery- so quite a shock.
I had to tell Vincent that Noel went to heaven with Trooper.  Vincent just simply glanced at me and smiled and clapped his hands.  Yea!!!!! Vincent was right... We shouldn't be sad about the fact Noel is gone.. but joyful because he is in a better place with no pain.. and earned his righfully his- horse wings.  
It hit me really hard.. because I understand how it feels to experience quick, shocking death- as we have gone through that with trooper (a different post for a different day) One of my favorite movies as a child- was the lion king.. the circle of life.... It moves us all... through despair and hope.  Right now, it is one of the most saddest times for our family as we mourn Noel and bid him farewell... I know happiness and life will truimph again with hope.

Noel... thank you so much for being part of our family, even though Vincent and I haven't known you as long as Andy- and his family have... you have shown us compassion, and how to be tolerant when life deals you a hard blow and you had to be patient. Thank you, for being a wonderful friend and a amazing competitor.  You are beautiful in this life, and I know you are more beautiful now with your angel horse wings.  I know you are up there with all the animals that have gone on over the rainbow bridge.. and you are waiting for N and our family.  Thank you... for teaching us valuable lessons. You are Noel... the first and only Noel. sweet Noel.

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