Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainy Day at the Beach

So.... while cleaning and seeing the beautiful sunshine outside and the gentle winds breezing and the leaves ever so rustling... I thought to myself... today would be a perfect day to swim and hang and have fun right?! It would be perfect for tori to sit and "nap" on the beach. 

I asked the kid's auntie Ash and uncle Stu- Ash is one of my best friends and I always have a blast when we are hanging out together.  to come meet me and swim and have fun... They got there before I did.. and stu enjoyed some of the glorious water and diving.

So I get there with the kids and we all sit down.. vincent is enjoying his delcious goldfish snacks and we are looking around and commenting how beautiful today is and how perfect it is to spend a day on the beach.  Stu got some skittles ( catch the rainbow) and taught Vincent how to sign "candy" so he said more candy!!! funny boy.  he sure loves skittles now!  so we are all chatting and stu spots a dark cloud on the horizon...........and it gets bigger.. 

In matter of minutes- I am not kidding at all.. the sand starts blowing like crazy like we are in a Sand War! Everyone started packing up fairly quickly and dusting the sand out of our eyes and making sure the kids were okay.  Stu is a cute over-protective uncle- and took care of tori while Ash and I fussed over Vincent.  vincent is just looking all over the place.  It gets darker......... and darker....... so we are all in the shelter huddled for dear life.. Stu tracks the weather and says.. it is not going to just pass.  Ugh.. so we all ride back in the jeep.

We got back to the house and it was raining out like crazy!! and we all hung out for a while.. and vincent loved to high five stu and ash..  and he was enjoying showing them his stuffed animals and cars and he showed Stu his drum.  Stu loved it and banged on it for vincent.. it was FUNNY.  Uncle Stu is a big kid. :) tori just sat on me most of the time and watched everyone play and listened to the chatter. she was calm for most of the day.. and puked after they left.

I am so tired out from all the craziness and playing with the kids and Tori. :)

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  1. Ha ha ha. I certainly enjoyed our adventure! Next time when we go to beach; no rain allowed!! So the kids can enjoy the weather with rest of us. ha ha :)