Monday, July 18, 2011

the muggy dog days of summer

So... We have had a new challenge this summer being a mom of two LITTLE kids.. when it gets HOT out.. there is nothing to do but stay inside.  Boy, I thought in the winter-time like everyone else.. when the snow stops and melts and is not so cold anymore we would be outside EVERYDAY.... Well, snow stopped late march for us in Wisconsin, and then I was already 8 months pregnant with Victoria... and feeling well... PREGNANT haha! along with being tired all the time..and it was cold and rainy much of april... it felt like a June monsoon in africa.. then I had Victoria and we have had a few good nice sized heat days since then.  I feel like we went from winter to summer with no spring at all.  
So.. Today was miserable.. how in the world do you explain to a 2 year old that it is very hot outside and there is a heat warning against being in the heat too long?  Today, I felt like groundhog day... here is our conversation about 100 times
Vincent looks outside- mama out? 
Me: No, its too hot outside
vincent: HOT????!!!!!
Me: yes.. very very hot so hot
vincent: looks outside again.. hot? (i think he thinks I was LYING)
me: Yes very hot outside.. too hot for any of us to go outside and do anything
vincent: (loudly sighs)
me: let's find something fun to do.........
imagine this conversation 100 times a day.. that was ME today.. 
and this heat wave is supposed to last until thursday but still hot throughout the weekend.... all I have to say is thank god that Andy's stepmom Teresa and andy's dad Mike- affectionately called Gramma and Grampa... they offered to take Vincent to a family reunion for Teresa's family up north.. I, Of course jumped at the chance.. I really miss taking naps when victoria naps and cleaning.. and just spending time with one kid.  I feel like I shortchange a kid.. when I have them both together.  it is a balancing act I am learning to master. :)  

it is horribly.. too hot here..........

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