Thursday, July 14, 2011

The greater love of a family

I am so exicted to be a blogger!  My friend started blogging for her wedding, and now her post wedding adventures.. and I really enjoyed reading her adventures.. and I thought I have to start one for my family since there is so many funny things that happen day to day with my babies or andy and I
I named this blog "the greater love of family" because I love my kids and I love Andy.. even if he drives me crazy at times. :) my kids do too. :)

My kids are my pieces of my heart...  Vincent is my oldest.. he is two and he LOVES life.  he never fails to make me smile.  Victoria was born in april, and is the sweetest baby ever.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful children.

Andy works outside of the home as a database fixer.  I am a stay at home mom- and deaf.... and we have adventures... quite a bit. LOL. 
we are blessed with amazing love for each other and our children...stay tuned my friends... we have many stories to tell.


  1. woohoo, can't wait to start reading your blogs! I want to hear whats its like to be a deaf interesting.

  2. thanks!!! I am so excited about writing of adventures of being a deaf mommy.. Keep your eyes peeled! :)