Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love you forever

so, vincent and I read a book tonight called "love you forever"  This is a amazing powerful book.. espically if you're a mother.  Vincent knows when we say I love you every night before bed.. we've also used the hand sign every night since birth.  He has been trying to sign back but he takes his index fingers and wink his eye and points at you when you say it.. Love you too! in his own special 2 year old way.

"I love you forever and for always, my baby you will always be" 
through the years i've watched my kids.. (vincent) grow up... this rings true over and over again... i know when my baby boy reaches age 25, has a baby of his own.. i will still think of him as my baby.  I teared up reading this book because it shows the little boy through the years and the mom keeps saying.. i love you forever and for always my baby you always will be..  no matter what he did to make his mom crazy.   I feel like that about my kids... and when they tell you they love you and hug you and kiss you..... its amazing. Vincent is very cuddly at age 2.  I hope he never stops that. :)
vincent you will forever be my baby.. :):)

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