Friday, August 19, 2011

"I love you"

so it's been really fun teaching Vincent how to sign. Vincent seems to really pick them up fast and He picks them up even faster if I make a game out of it or somehow visually appealing.  
The last few weeks we have been working on Manners with vincent... like "Please" "thank you" and "you're welcome" and "i'm Sorry"  Vincent really has picked up on please and thank you and im sorry.. but the You're welcome is more difficult for him to understand and master.  

This afternoon I showed him the hand sign for "I love you" Vincent Immediately said NIGHT NIGHTY!!! Yes..... we say it at night.. and that made me think- we should say it more often, not just at night, but when we get up in the morning and even when vincent is naughty.. I love you even though ur being a sassy boy! haha.  but anyway back to the point... I started to teach vincent who was giggling by the way how to sign I-Love-You... So I am sitting there with vincent doing hand over hand... I love you!!!  Vincent would giggle when I would make him do it to his stuffed animals.Vincent knows how to do this on his own I am certain.. but I think he thinks it is more fun to make mommy do it with him and we clap our hands when we are all done with trying something new.. so hes been really catching on.  These days, vincent is asking what everything is and totally absorbing everything in ASL.  he also expresses himself correctly using facial expressions.. it's just amazing to watch to see him grow and learn and really immense himself in the whole culture.  I have to admit I am so proud of him.  I taught vincent how to sign I love you over and over and over... and he giggled... but i know he knows.  he does think mommy is his best friend.  Although.... Today for the first time he went with his grandma for the weekend without being upset or crying.  I guess hes finally realized that its fun with mom and his sister but he would much rather be the center of attention.  :) it broke my heart just a little to know my little boy is starting to need me less and less.  How quickly does the time fly.  he was born just 2 years ago and a little baby in my arms and he was cooing and chatting with me the way Victoria was with me tonight... and I reflect.... in about 2 years... vincent will be a preschooler and Victoria will be stuck in the toddler stage he is in now... and no more babies? only time will tell.... but I hope time freezes long enough for me to tell them everyday, in a million different way......... I love you forever.

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