Sunday, August 14, 2011


One year ago today... we said goodbye to a dear sweet boy.... he was our friend and our son's buddy.  I reflect on the year that's gone by... so many changes.. and still there's this emptiness that trooper left behind.

Trooper had been critically sick for 5 days when he passed away.  I Had mentioned to Andy that Trooper had not gone outside for a few hours which was a little unusual for him- being a mastiff he drank a lot of water and tended to need to potty a lot.  Andy said ok and I took Vincent to the store...
When I got back and brought the first bag and vincent (yeah i can multitask whoo hoo!) into the house... There was andy on the floor with trooper just begging him to get up and move... at the time I thought there was nothing worse than him not being able to move- how do we get him out to pee (120 pound buddy) we finally got him out and Andy and I decided it was for the best to bring him to the vet.  Andy called the next day and they would not fit trooper in until 4 30.  I was so pissed.  I knew within my heart there was something really wrong with trooper and he needed to be seen sooner than that.  I called and I said I know Trooper has a appt at 4 30 but I really think he needs to come in sooner. he is NOT acting like himself and barely eating or drinking anything.  Andy Brought Trooper in- and they ran blood tests (not enough in my opinion) and said he was dehydrated so they gave him water.  They did give him pain pills for trooper and said maybe he pulled his leg muscle or hip- which is common with bigger dogs and He and Lady were so Active together. I was so angry because trooper could barely swallow his pain pills.... and hes FINE? really.......... (insert a lot of swearing here)
5 days later trooper had rapdily deterioated.. Andy and I tried so much to just get him to eat and drink his water. 
Trooper was acting strange... he was sick for a few days and he hadn't wanted to come in the living room with us.. but that day he did.. and he "spent" time with each of us.  I believe he knew he was dying and did not have very much time left.  He died just a few hours later.  Of what? I dont know.  I wish i had all the answers.. but I know whatever trooper was suffering from didn't let him be a happy dog.  

I have so many pictures of trooper growing up.. playing with us and being our first baby- before vincent! we have quite the collection of Vincent and Trooper being together.  It's very fitting the last photo I took of Trooper just the day before he passed away was with vincent laying on him-comforting him in time of pain.

Trooper... I hope you know we always think of you.... You were a beautiful soul that loved us with everything you had.  You made us laugh with joy, and shout with anger when you were naughty.  You were happy to come up north with us and run and play with the dog pack although you were the biggest one... but the most submissive. :)  I still think of you when it thunders because you get scared and wanted us to snuggle with you.  I hope wherever you are, that you have a lot of friends with you that snuggle with you when you are sad or scared.  I know you know we had victoria- I can't explain it but I know you know.  I will always love you trooper.  You were the sweesest sassy boy ever.  I can't wait until the day we all get to meet again at the rainbow bridge.  I know you're waiting for us.  Just keep watching over us sweet boy. 

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