Friday, September 9, 2011

family night

Tonight was family night.... even though andy had to work... but he took a break for a while and played with vincent and Victoria.  Andy started playing with Vincent's security Items- Tigger and Pooh- one of those things we never leave home or leave anywehre without- it spells trouble for us.  :)  and making them dance to music and throwing them around and well.. being BOYS.  Vincent got a HUGE kick out of this and was like laughing hysterically and trying to copy andy- but did not want daddy to see him copying him.  We were all dancing and bopping to the music- even victoria.  I am sad to have to announce- it looks like Victoria is Daddy's little girl- i can't get her to smile like he can- or Laugh.  I always imagined about having my own little girl and of course she turns out to be daddy's little girl.  I have 18 years to change her mind :) Ha Ha!  
Vincent has been so much fun to raise- vincent is 2 now- and into that whole period of- im not really hungry so i wont eat when food is put in front of me. GRR.  It will get better I know.. it just is worrisome when your kid won't eat. he will eat when he is hungry. I know.  we did discover the other night he LOVES popcorn- and I taught him the sign for popcorn- when we were watching the packer game.  Vince was asking for it again today because he really enjoyed popcorn last night.  

How about this- I just have to share- I dressed my kids and myself in packer clothes-including my lucky jersey-and we won.... 42-34!!! and this was against a former super bowl team just 2 years ago- AND they said this would be our toughest team all season- well... that said we should have it in the bag!!!! but we will have to see how we do injury wise this year :)   I got in a unbelieveable twist of fate... I have always wanted a rodgers jersey and it fell into my lap.. ironically.  :)  I must tell you- we are all packers fan- I train my kids young to love the green and gold- and that starts when I am pregnant and when theyre born- they already have green and gold awaiting them :)  
Vincent really loves watching the packers play and he is trying to understand the game in his own way- but he loves it when we get exicted because of a TD.  he claps and does his own little victory dance. :)   victoria  just sits there and kicks and drools and coos when they are playing.  :) I know when i was little i really didn't care for the packers at all... but when i went to Lambeau field with my dad for the first time in '98- that changed my life forever.. from that moment on.. I bled green and gold.. :)  I plan on one day taking my kids to a game so they can experience the FUN atmosphere. :)  

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