Monday, September 26, 2011

going back to old stomping grounds

Today- was a interesting adventure... I decided two weeks ago to become part of a deaf panel for deaf awareness week at NWTC (my old college- and may be re-new- college lol) so I decided that it would be best if Vincent went off for the afternoon with a Sitter- and Victoria would get to come with.  :) 
This week is deaf awareness week- which means you educate yourself or learn about what is it like to be deaf.  or how to acclimate yourself to socializing with a deaf person and so on and on. 
it was so nice to visit my stomping grounds and show off my newest little addition to our krause family.  victoria is so sweet- it is just so easy to show her off.  Everyone was asking about vincent though and how he was doing and what he was up to.
The deaf panel was very interesting and there was 4 of us on the panel and we all got to explain different point of views or opinions about deaf people and our experiences of life.  I- of course a proud mother of 2 CODA cihldren couldn't resist talking about my little ones.  :)  It is very interesting how 4 different deaf people have different experiences and learn differently and have different opinions and also STILL have silimar experiences with "deaf-impared" people as I like to say.
Afterwards it was actually more fun because it was time to really socialize and chat among ourselves the hard work was over and really discuss different things we wanted to happen at NWTC- it sounds like a ASL Deaf club may be in the works there...  I'm starting to think about setting up something where young people can get together and chat in the GB area- or even the FV area.  funny- now that tori is getting older- I find that I am starting to have the itch to still be a mom- but start exploring the possibilities my life will go in now foward as mother of two.
Vincent was a little disappointed that mommy was busy- but he was having such a blast with his sitter that I don't think it even really mattered- he even convinced her to buy him some skittles and some dinosuar toy.. that boy is going to grow up really spoiled because he knows how to work it!  (sigh) :)

going to blog more tomorrow about deaf awareness--- stay tuned!



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