Sunday, September 11, 2011

we will always remember

September 11th, 2001-a day of Infamy for many americans.. today we ask of one another... do you remember where you were when the world stopped turning?????

I was a senior in high school... and my friend came up to me and said the world trade center has been hit! I was like..(laughs) really good joke here you know? no one would hit us on our soil..
3 minutes later.. the world stopped turning..... the prinicpal made a announcement over the p.a explaining the events... my interpreter was late.. I remember being so mad because I KNEW something was going on and it was not good judging from my classmates's reaction and how the teacher was behaving. (that darn deaf feeling)
She finally arrived and explained and I was like OH so that is what is going on... I remember that whole day just thinking........ is it really real? our world just changed instantly.. now that it's been 10 years. I promise you i can't even remember what sept 10th felt like... sept 11th took all that away from me.

Now-most of you know Andy had to travel overseas for work while i was pregnant with my oldest... to Buenoes Aires, Argentina.. a beautiful captiol city of Argentina.... its about 18 hours to fly from green bay to there (and thats not including the wait times to get on the plane and all the delays in the winter oh lord)  I would be so nervous when he would hop on the plane there, and worry worry worry until i got a email or some form of contact saying he made it there and hes fine and to stop worrying.  he knows me so well.  I would love to think that if 9.11. would have never happened-i would have worried less.. but man did I miss him (that is before the honeymoon phase ended)
I wonder what i will end up telling vincent and victoria about this someday and if they think wow mom and dad are ancient-they lived thru something that happened before i was born.  I hope I can give them as many answers that they ask questions of :) 
I am extremely proud of my family and friends that have served... you all have done a amazing job,,, thank you for keeping our country free and helping.  we will never forget and freedom will always previev

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