Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Crazzzy life

I aplogize........... truly sorry... I mean it....... I know I haven't blogged in forever......... you- my dear friend are probably wondering why I haven't written in forever....... It's because of the kids :)  that is my go to excuse these days-  But I love those little people.

Christmas was a complete whirlwind journey....... we laughed, we cried, we opened presents and enjoyed time together as a family and realized that we-- ourselves wanted to start traditions with our kids rather than run everywhere and do what everyone else wants... may be some changes in store for future christmas but looking foward to doing things and hearing my kids say... Mom.. I love when we do this! :)

Life has gotten so  busy with two little ones...... so many changes just in 2 months.......

Vincent hit 2 and half before christmas and around that time I beleive the terrible 2s started to set in.... but thankfully I was able to ask him.... do you want Santa to come?! he knows when you are being bad so if you are bad enough he may leave coal in your stocking or not even bother to stop by at all.  Now it is after christmas....... and santa came and went.........His favorite word nowdays is NO.  I have learned to word things differently or offer 2 choices and he can't say no to that.  that has helped a lot.  he can jump, and he is learning what letters mean and what his name is.. and what letter it starts with.  he is very Egoestic.. everything is about him at this point. 

Victoria is now almost 10 months old........ and in the last few weeks crawling EVERYWHERE.  She is defientely a on the go baby... can't take my eyes off of her very often anymore.  She also started pulling up on me the last couple weeks.. and tonight she pulled herself up on a toy- looks like it is time for Daddy and Mommy to lower the crib bed so she doesn't stand up and fall out (god forbid)  I have a feeling Tori will really give Andy and I a run for the money.. She is so much more active than Vincent ever was and already vocalizing sounds (mmmmmmmmmmmmm) (PFFFFFFFFFFFFT) I think she will walk around 11 months old..... and that will be bittersweet as this will be my last baby for a while doing this now. :( She brings so much love and giggles to the house though.  I have to admit...... life is not the same without her.. I couldn't imagine not having her even if it is harder with two.. andy and I defientely have all the love we have to give for both of our babies.

Speaking of love......... Valentines day was just last week... and guess how we spent it????? we were at the doctors!!! how romantic right??? Victoria developed a fever over the weekend at some point.. and we thought it was a Virus or teething and decided to wait it out (that is what happens when you have two kids you learn when you need the DR and when you don't)  Sunday came and went and her temp went up higher but dropped every time we gave her tyenlol- Monday was much of the same except she was more crabbier and had a harder time settling down- and we defientely noticed she did not want to play as much and only wanted to be held.  Tuesday AM-- Andy decided to go back to work in Neenah after checking on Victoria- who at the time felt tempurtally fine and seemed to be sleeping well.  I had gotten up at 8 am and she was still sleeping...... she slept until about 9:30 and I thought to myself ok well I will wake her up and feed her and see how she is doing.... and she wasn't very interested in eating but only wanted to be held....... then I noticed she would cry every time I moved her.. and she was losing interest in playing with her toys.. she wouldn't even reach out to play with her toys at all...... which is totally opposite of our little Tori.  I texted Andy at work and I'm like...... Something is really wrong.  I have NEVER seen a baby behave like this.  Andy deliberated between staying at work because there was so much work to do- or coming home. He decided to come home and he got home and he had took Victoria from me and said do what you need to with vincent i will sit with her for a while. Victoria had been just laying on Andy and he looked at me and said..... you are so RIGHT. this isn't right this isn't her.  So I called the DR back and asked if we needed to take her to the ER and they said not to unless she starts vomiting or breathing weird...... so our appt was in a hour, We took the kids in then...... and after the doc looks at her... he just said yep she has a ear infection........ and we were flagbarsted that it was something so simple.. and he said yep.. some babies don't deal with the pain really well, or you waited too long before it gets to the point where the pain will irriate the baby more.  Dr recommended ibp and amoxicillin and warned it could be 24 hours before we saw a change and to call if there was any more issues or styp gets worse.  Tori started to feel better within a hour of starting the IBP and amoxicillin.. and it did take 24 hours before she was back to her normal happy giggly self.  It did take about 4-1.2 days for the fever to go away.  Lesson learned.  When your mommys insicint is telling you something is wrong (I felt it on monday afternoon but i ingored it thinking it was probably a virus but i had a inkling it was a ear infection)  I also love it when I get to tell andy I am right :) (doesn't happen very often!)

So that is everything that has been happening in our crazy world lately........ until next time.. 

I bid you farwell,


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