Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New 2012

Wow!!!! It has been a long few weeks since I blogged.  Our house has been really busy getting ready for christmas and having Christmas and then Happy New Year...... I will not bore you, my dear reader about endless days we had... :)

The days leading up to christmas was so busy! we were busy buying and finding the perfect gift for our loved ones this year....... but through watching Vincent's gift from St. Nick- "A very merry Monkey Christmas" it is not about the reciving but about giving to others and having amazing, fun memories with the loved ones you have..... going on special monkey-approved adventures. :) It has reminded myself to be more giving, and also to make lasting memories.
Now....... The kids and I got andy a really nice water filtered coffeemaker that has a timer- the whole purpose is so andy can save money and have coffee at home in the AM before heading off to work...... It is actually enjoyable for mom too!  Vincent has been on a kick that coffee is just for daddy.  He wants to bring him his coffee and help bring daddy things.  It is so sweet.  
Well... I had been wanting a camera for a LONG LONG time..... and I borrowed a friend's camera for over christmas so i could catch my lovely children opening their gifts and showing their apperication or exicement in opening the gifts.  Well...... sadly it turned out that my friends camera was going on the fritz..... SO, andy let me open my gift one day early (ok two days IF you count christmas eve) and it was a Canon powershot 12.1 MP HD screen............. it was just soooooooooooooooo NICE. I was super excited.  I have used it quite often.  Vincent has turned into the willful model and wants to Model many times for me..... He really likes to see himself on camera and gets a kick out of seeing himself.  We got him a kid tough camera for christmas for this same reason......... AND he is not that interested in it...........BOO for good ideas mom! 
Christmas was really enjoyable with the HUGE number of our family this year.  We are so blessed and thankful we have a huge family that loves us and our children and want to see us all over christmas.  I am also really thankful that Demon child and Diva baby made it through the 2 days without too much fuss and tolerated and behaved themselves among family.  It made me feel proud as a mom that they know how to behave themselves.  The grandmas all had so much fun seeing them in their cute outfits and enjoying spoiling them.  I will give you one delighful moment that made me laugh so hard and I will never forget.. and I am sure i will tell vincent this years down the road... but I let Vincent open gifts with Aunt N. and Aunt S. at Nanna B's house... With having Diva baby now- my arms are full and Andy just wanted to relax so the girls had him.. and vincent was all exicted about opening gifts...... and he got one box full of clothes.... and it was one with a construction truck and blue scrub-look-alikes.... and Vincent came running over to me and said Momma LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! and started shaking the outfit for all it was worth and GIGGLING........ OH my sweet heavens...... I have never seen a kid so excited about showing off his clothes. It made me laugh and go oh vincent and laugh some more.  for most of you that lovingly know vincent........ this is NORMAL of vincent. :)christmas just didn't change him haha. 
Victoria was just 8 months old this year so she wasn't really all CRAZY about christmas just yet.  She really enjoyed the christmas lights and she would "help" open one gift then she kinda lost interest...... She was like... Psh.. that is too much work for me... mom you do it and she just sat back and enjoyed the gifts in all it's glory.  She pretty much stays away from the tree and just isn't really..... excited about it.  The good news is...... she lets all the Grandmas and Great grandmas hold her now..... so it made christmas more precious for all of them.  Again, It made me so happy to see that she was finally comfortable and felt like she could trust them enough to hold her.  She never has a problem with the boys though... I think Andy and I have a world of worrying ahead for us when she is older..... she sure likes her boys! :-D

We just celebrated new years in our house last night.. and I let vincent stay up late with a buddy of his- his mom came over (oldest friend of mine) and they were hanging out at our house.  I wish I thought to take some pictures of the kids playing.  They were very good to each other and except for a few scoldings and talking about sharing... it was just awesome.  The kids stayed up until 12 30am laughing and playing.  we couldn't believe it.... I told vincent it was a once in a year treat haha! It was a wonderful time..... and it will be interesting to see next year if Victoria can stay up with her brother next year until midnight.  :)

my next blog..... I will start adding pictures to it and you can see how the kids are growing up :)  

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