Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days until christmas

It is 12 days until christmas........and my true love gave me a 2 year old a running, a 7 month old a scooting-making a mess everywhere and growing by bounds and leaps!

Recently-we have been chatting with Vincent about christmas..... as you can tell.. christmas spirit is all around us-everyday in everyway- in what way?? GIVING.  we are teaching vincent Christmas is about giving others-and it is joyful work- and we may not always get something... but it feels SO good to give.

Vincent asked me to pick him up to the calender and together.. we counted 12 days until christmas eve and we can go to grandma's k's house to open the first round of presents.  We think we have about 5 christmases set already. Our children are so blessed that we have so many people that want to see them and hug them.  I hope that this never ends and that they will always know the love of our wonderful family.

This whole past weeks has been really busy- with preparing for christmas and shopping and figuring out what the kids want and need....... and finishing up the rest of the peoples on our list... and vincent is hard at work making pictures for some of our very fine family that will be honored with his art work of how a tree looks like.. may not be accurate but..... he is excited. :)

vincent and victoria went to the doctor today for vincent's 2 year old check up because it wasn't in the system (even though we did it in april............dun dun duh!!) and Victoria had to get her 2nd flu shot...  I really hate going to those appts because I prefer andy to deal with the kids when they are getting their shots. :)  Vincent impressed me he just sat there and let the doctor look him over and gave me the all ok that he was healthy! he is a normal, active 2 year old.  I decided to give Vincent the nasal nose spray for flu instead of getting the shot.. it was less painful and vincent did not really like the fact he got stuff sprayed in his nose but.. he got over it fairly quickly.  victoria had to get her 2nd flu shot to make sure she was protected from the flu completely.  She is now immune to whatever type that flu shot was... yay!  

I can't believe how quickly the year flew by....... Look for our next blog.... the xmas letter........ shortly. :)


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