Tuesday, February 21, 2012

going night nighty!

In our house..... when it is night-nighty time it tends to get a little crazy.. or a little crazy... I have decided to put vincent in a big boy bed due to a lot of issues with my wrist (and amazingly- my wrist has improved/feeling better since we don't put vince in the crib anymore!) and the fact we are potty training him now, and He feels like he is a big boy- as we often tell him you are a Big Boy. 
With two kids now... it gets harder to put both of them to bed.  Vince has decided that since he is bigger than his sister- he should go to bed later than she does (even if it is 5 minutes after she does LOL)  brothers.  :)  Usually it is either Bath,book bed for both kids depending on what night it is or its just Bottle, sippy cup, book and Bed. Both kids do great..

The night Andy and I were dreading finally arrived.... Vincent went to grandma's house the night before and got all hyped up and we picked him up and he went to sleep here (late) because he missed us.......well the next am he woke up early with me, and went food shopping with me (that boy LOVES shopping-when he is 13 and complains about shopping for jeans- I will happily remind him he never objected to shopping with momma. :) )  He was so tired out from Driving the cart and helping mommy pick stuff out at the store (or so he thinks) and he needed a nap..... Well...... He should have gone down for a nap at 2pm but he took one at 4pm and wouldn't wake up until 6pm.  I knew he was going to be up........... LATE.  I blamed this on andy since he let vince take a nap at 4pm- i said put him to bed at 7pm. instead...... No............ Well......I put vincent to bed at 10... cleaned up the living room...... and this sweet blond hair boy sneaked downstairs by Daddy and Andy laughed because he did not look sleepy.. so we checked him for a fever... Then I was like I suppose he can stay up and watch a little spongebob with me.. we both thought he would fall asleep on the couch hanging out..... Nope.  He was JUMPING all over the couch and acting like it was a PARTY..... Seesh, I was so tired.  I kept glancing at him hoping he would somehow fall over and fall asleep.  11:30 came... I was like arent u tired yet? he is like Nope and spongebob is ON again! Ohhhhh............. great kid.  great... so I said OK, one more spongebob then u have to go to bed because it is VERY late in Kid-World. midnight came.... and I put vincent to bed thinking he would fall asleep.  I went back downstairs to clean... 5 ish minutes later.. Andy walked into the kitchen and said Vincent got up and walked into the babys room and said HI baby hi baby..... and woke up the baby.. Andy was like vincent you can't wake up the baby when she is sleeping. You know that.  tucked the baby back into bed and walked vincent back into bed and said time for bed now.  Andy goes back downstairs laughing and reports this to me, then I laughed.  about 10 minutes later, Andy walks back upstairs... sees the light on under the door... Vincent heard andy coming and ran to turn off the light before Andy could Yell.. and jumped back into bed and pretended to be sleeping.  Andy opened the door and was like I know you want to play but its night-nighty time, time to go to sleep. you can play tomorrow.  love you NOW GO TO SLEEP!!!

5-10 minutes later......... all was quiet.............

ahh, I can't wait to see what else Vince has in store for me. :)


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