Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everybody poops

This is a conversation Vince and I had over lunch while Victoria was napping... I shall call it everybody poops...

I was looking at diapers online to determine what was the cheapest cost of buying diapers and pull ups... Vince asked what I was doing, and i showed him. He said the baby wears diapers and I wear pull ups now because Im a big boy (really he just said I big boy) 

We were talking about going pee and poop in the potty and that mommy wasn't going to get any more diapers for Vince because he can go pee pee in the potty.  Vince then says I can go poop in the potty BIG BOY! I am like Yes, You can! He says..... Momma, Lady goes poop??? I was like yes- outside because it is very stinky! Momma, does the Kitty go poop? Yes, in a big box full of litter.  Momma Monkey poop?? Yes monkey poops in a jungle (what else am i supposed to tell him....) Momma, bear poop too? I was like Yes.. bear poops......somewhere in the woods..... (the things that make you think... how come I never stepped in bear poop?) Momma-froggy poops too right? Yep in the pond... little poops u can't see because it goes right in the water just like the fishies- Vince goes quiet and is eating his lunch........ then he is like....... I gotta go poop.......... like a frog....

(sitting on the potty) Momma- I be pooping like a bear!! 

(um.... Yeah......guess that is all you got out of the life lesson buddy) LOL 

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