Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Bye Crib

Tonight, Fondly and happily- we bid farewell to a old friend of the family. Mr. Crib.  Mr Crib has been a member of our family since before Vince was born.  I still remember the antipication of bringing Vincent home from the hositpal.. and Andy and I decided that we could trust vincent alone in his big (small) bedroom and let him sleep without mommy or daddy nearby.  I was going to be going in there every 2-3 hours to feed him anyway. He would be fine.  The first night, he snuggled down happily... and I lowered my arms to put him in it and Andy wrapped him in his crib the way they showed us how at the hostipal due to SIDS prevention.  I remember looking at him and worrying about him being all alone in such a BIG crib and all by himself (after all 2 days ago he was in my belly waiting to be born!)  Andy looked at me and smiled, and said Lauren-- he will be fine.. you will be back in here in 2 hours and we have the baby monitor.  grudingly I left my sweet baby boy.... 

Almost 3 years later.......................

Vincent is almost 3 and we finally decided he was big enough to sleep in his own big boy bed and that he could choose what he wanted for his big boy bed.  He chose toy story, Although every night he still sleeps with his Pooh and his Tigger and his blanky.  These are his must haves EVERY single night.  It still feels unreal to me as a mom.. that overnight it seems like Vincent grew up much too quickly for me.  He does not want to be momma's baby anymore and wanting to be more independent.  It has been 3 weeks since we moved Vincent and no real big issues at all.. He stays in his bed most nights unless he is a little wounded up for bed.  Most nights because he does not take a nap-- he is pretty much ready for bed when he goes to bed.  Thank god we haven't had too many issues except for wanting to wake up Victoria when he is supposed to be sleeping.  :) He is really happy about sleeping in his big boy bed and Loves to show people his big boy bed and big boy room.  We are so proud of him but for me as a mom.. I am so proud of him but at the same time I miss him being a little tiny vincent.  It all went by so fast.  But I sure am glad he is not jumping in his crib anymore.. there were many nights i was afraid he would jump so hard he would break the crib- they made that crib unbreakable! lol  

Good bye Crib- good bye old friend.. thank you for protecting our sweet little baby.

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