Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sorry it's been so long

Man... it has been really busy around here with two kids.. I have so much to catch you all up on... first of all.. Halloween was Awesome.  I invited Ashley to come and hang out with me and "assist" with trick or treating since Andy was going to be working late so he missed out on all the halloween fun! Boo.  We dressed vincent up as Spiderman- let's just say he was VERY EXICTED to be spiderman.. and was showing Ashley how he could fly.  :)  it was so cute to watch my 2 year old Truly believe in imagation and really think in someway he could really fly.  It makes me feel like I have done a good job so far as a mother- if Vince feels secure enough to really let go of reality and imagine for a while.  Victoria was going to be a pumpkin- but due to the weather and I was not sure how long we would be out for.. I transformed victoria into a pink bunny from the xmas story.  I am sure one day Tori will kill me for doing that to her.. but she was SO CUTE.  Vincent was raring to go.. once he figured out he was getting candy from the neighbors... we were out for a hour and 20 minutes.. and even stopped to visit Grandpa M.  Grandpa M was very happy to see him and vincent was "chattering" a lot about the candy.  victoria the bunny slept the whole time in the stroller which amazed me and Ashley. she must have been very warm and cozy in the stroller and the stroller moved a lot. :)   We got a lot of candy......... a lot.  Ashley and Stu also contributed to vincent's sugar high by buying him skittles- a love of vincent and Stu's forever...... it was pretty funny to see vincent all hyper from all the sugar :) By the time Ash left.. Vincent started behaving like a drunken spiderman.. it was pretty funny. poor kid. haha.  memories.

So now that halloween is done... we just had Victoria's 6 month check up completed- and she is 16 pounds 1 oz, 25 1/4 inches tall and her head is about 42 cm. - she was born with a 32 cm head.. so she has doubled in everything since she is born which is what they want to see... so they were very pleased... execpt she has had a horrible yeast infection that we've had a hard time resolving.. thankfully to the nurses of bellin- someone told me to give her a baking soda bath.. and it cured the inflmation.  I am SO happy.  

Next.. it started to snow!!!! it was pretty crazy because we still have leaves on our trees around here and it usually doesn't really snow until right before thanksgiving- like when it gets super cold...... well.. the sky just started dumping rain.. it became freezing rain.. and it became snow.  Vincent was VERY excited when he saw this.  I explained it was snow not rain and he was running around the house signing frantically mama its snoooooooooooooooooowing. Great.  thanks for the alert weatherman Vincent.  :)  Vincent will also alert me to the fact it is raining outside.  It is so cute how Vincent is very interested in the weather changes and what is going on outside.  so it snowed all day... and It got me started to think about christmas.. I admit i had been thinking about christmas because of the kids and what they want and need for christmas.  but.. the snow made me really think about how exicted i am for it this year.. Vincent really enjoys watching Christmas movies with Barney and Caillou and I think once we have the tree up and get ready for christmas.. I plan on counting down the many days of christmas with him and really teaching him what christmas is all about.. giving and recieving.. and of course the decorations and meeting Santa. :)  vincent had met santa last year.. but was too afraid to sit with him and have his picture taken.  I am also looking forward to vincent's christmas pictures with his new little sister.  It should be interesting because tori is now rolling all over the place and TRYING to creep but she goes backwards.. she is also very vocal.. and very demanding.  Lately she has been a crab.  It is no fun-I barely get things done because when one is sleeping the other wants attention.  Man. :) juggling two kids...........

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