Tuesday, October 11, 2011

snot factory.. drip.. drip.. sneeze!

I can't believe I am actually posting during the day.. many of you know I post at night after the babies are in bed.  My babies are sick...... with colds........... from their daddy.  we love andy so much this week don't we? he came down with a cold on thursday and it's a not a pretty one.. but what cold is?  he has been sneezing, having sore throats and coughing a lot.  sadly.. he passed this on to me out of love, and the children too....... so our house has now shifted from the poop factory to the snot factory.. I am sure we could make MONEY by the massive amounts of product we produce. :)
I have been sick tooo..... but moms never have the day off..... :) 

Vincent has been sick since sunday.. and tori just started today and I call it the sniffles and a little sneezing.  Not as bad as i feared.  she is faring well but sleeping a lot more than usual.  vincent my 2 year old that NEVEr naps, has napped yesterday for 3 and half hours. and today hes down for another nap.  I must say I ENJOY it when he's sick.. not when hes screaming at me to make him better...... but when hes sleeping because then I can actually.. blog, read a book and dance in my living room with no one watching......... oh crap! I let that out... yes. I dance......... can a deaf person dance? yes.. maybe not in perfect timing but...... we do. :)
with much love from the snot factory...... 'til next time

snotty boogers

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