Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birth Stories

I thought it'd be fun to document my 2 kid's Birth Stories since some people might be interested in what its like to be deaf and giving birth- trust me, it is NOT all that different- just one extra person in the room and that person is just to tell people what you are saying and translating what they are saying into ASL.

Vincent Michael entered our lives on June 17th, 2009.  What a Adventure that was.  I was deathly afraid of giving birth.... I am not.. good with pain at all but I endured. :)  I was having braxton hicks for about a month- they are fake contractions that are irregular.  I was waiting and waiting.. for our little boy to get here- I just couldn't wait to meet him and hold him.  
June 16th.. I had let the dogs out (trooper RIP, and Lady) and they came back in and I was changing the sheets on the bed.. and I had one HUGE contraction and it actually hurt... I was like... Ok that "felt" different... we will see if It keeps going.  That was noonish.  3 hours later around 3pm.. I was starting to realize that we are probably going to meet vincent that night or the next day because my contractions were about 8-10 minutes apart.. Andy and I were talking on text (cell phones) he was trying to decide if he should come home or not or if I could wait.. I was not in too much pain so i was like whatever babe. I don't think hes going to come until Late tonight or in the morning. (how wrong was I!) our ex- roommates came home and had a bagful of baby stuff for Vincent and I laughed and said Im in labor we think. and they laughed at the Irony of it and asked if andy was coming home or if there was anything I needed- i'm like andy will get home when he can and Im ok just having some pain. the Pain got a little worse and I told him.. maybe you should come home now...   I had my last meal... choc chip cookie at 4:30...I didn't eat until 11pm on the 17th.  They told me with vincent you couldn't eat when you suspected you were in labor.  Liars.
6 pm contractions were coming about 6-8 minutes now and fairly strong.. Trooper and Lady are running around playing while I am having contractions.. at this point I can sort of talk through them but they hurt more than earlier.  Andy and I talk about what to do about the dogs and plans for the next few days.  Andy calls his dad and asks if they can watch dogs for 2-3 days- they of course say yes.  Lady and trooper headed over there and Lady was NOT happy about being sent away. Sorry pretty girl.. Trooper didn't really care he was only 5 months old and Almost housebroken.  
8pm- contractions are about 5-7 minutes apart and a little bumpy.  We finally call the dr and the dr says 5-6 minutes apart for a hour then come in. WHOO HOO! so I am texting everyone we know and saying baby may be here soon! and walking and packing andys snack labor bag.  
9-30 pm..driving to hostipal- contractions still going........
10 30- still having contractions but they slowed down- my mom shows up at the hostipal all ready to meet her grandson.  They said I was only 3 cm dilated but had bloody show but DR will not decide until morning.. what to do. mom heads home sadly.. and says.. call me if you start labor. any time!!!
the BIG day is here.. 8:00 am.  Dr asks if i want vincent out today or if i want to wait. I said NO i want him out hes getting too big.  Ok, so off we go on the inducement- they broke my water right away and let me sit like that and said let's see if we get things moving.  my water breaking didn't do anything, so they put me on pitcoin by 10 am.  I thought oh for sure we would meet vincent that afternoon. they kept upping pitcoin and by 1 pm i was in pain and only 4-5 cm dilated.  I felt like it was FOREVER.  I opted for the epidural because I thought I had "pain' (I laugh now because of my birth experience with Tori)  The epidural helped a lot but they missed a spot on my right side on my lower right hip side.. so I felt contractions and pain the ENTIRE time.  Carrie and Andy begin to talk about "sweet baby jesus" from talledga nights- hey sweet baby jesus lets hurry up and get this baby out, sweet baby jesus less pain please. This was going on while i was getting the epidural- Carrie and Andy were laughing their butts off, my Epidural doctor was full of jokes.. he said a joke abbout a elphant or some stupid crap.. I was like JUSt PUT IT IN then tell me the jokes. People. I was not amused at all.  around 3pm that day Andy eats a bag of jalpeno chips.. and it stunk up the whole room and I couldn't eat anyway! I looked at him and was like what the hell are you eating it stinks?!!! and he looks at me and smiles and says jalepeno chips. I am like stop eating it. it stinks. I don't like it. and he breathes jalenpeno chip air on me like AHHHHH.  I promptly flipped him off.  My mom was in the room with me and she LAUGHED and laughed.  glad i could amuse her but boy was i annoyed. how dare he!
6pm- I was defteinetely feeling more pressure and pain.. I kept saying I gotta go poop and theyre like no thats the babys head moving down. I'm like whatever it HURTS.  I was surpised i was able to feel as much as I did.  I suppose the epidural was probably a bad shot. (ha ha!) I was about 6-7 cm dilated so the nurses are like you are almost there.. maybe a hour-two you will start pushing.
7:30 I was 9 cm... finally.......... 8:00 i was complete on one side and 9 and half on the other side.  so flip flop lauren like a pancake and a few minutes later I was done. 
so around 8:05ish- I started pushing........ and pushing............I swear to god it was the hardest thing i've ever had to do.. and I was so tired.. and you know these scenes in the movies where the mom says she is so tired and she wants to give up and the baby can stay inside her forever.  I said that.  I told everyone im done.. Vincent can stay inside where he is and I am perfectly fine with that. No, everyone said no you can do it you can push you're just almost done. REALLY... fine..
9:13 pm... vincent was born and our lives were forever changed.  He was placed on my tummy and blue and purple.  Andy and I expected to see a happy pink baby and not a purple little guy so we were both freaked as first time parents as what to expect and do... but they said because of me taking so long to push and the long labor.. about 12 hours of labor then a hour 10 minutes-ish of pushing.  Vincent was screaming and breathing ok.  We were so happy to meet him though :) I still remember holding him and being amazed at how little he was and how sweet he was.  

The whole deafness thing didn't stop me from having a baby. we had a awesome interpreter in the birth room.. and she jsut translated whatever the nurses were talking about (if) i was awake.  I slept a lot through this labor because i was in pain and not feeling good.  I thought it was hard before I had vincent to have a interpreter but in the end I was SO glad she was there because she helped so much.. and andy was able to enjoy being there for me and being a dad and not having to... "work" for me. haha.

Victoria's part......
Victoria was born April 23rd, 2011
I also had braxton hicks with Victoria for about a month as well but these were stronger so I never knew if it was the real thing or not.  I spent many a night on the couch watching t.v. and contracting and watching the clock.  I was so exicted to meet our little girl.. and give vincent his little sister... I was thankful we had her healthy and alright. :)

Thursday the 21st-
I was planning on begging my dr to induce me.... because I wanted her out and it was my birthday- i really didn't care if i spent it in the hostipal. I just wanted her born.  Looking back now, maybe i knew I should have her sooner than later?  mother's inutution?  Dr had said that Bellin was full of patients and they wouldn't send me unless i was contractiong- great the only day I wasn't contracting all week. I was 4 cm so i could go anytime.. just had to start contracting.  I made the desicion to send Vincent to Nanna B's house because I knew i could have her that night, fri or sat... or sunday... and I figured well if the dr knows I could go anytime and im 4 cm. this baby could move quick...... so off he went for his first sleepover without any practice.. and poor mommy had to deal.  I missed him horribly but i had time to prepare for Victoria's arrival and clean... I was SO mad she still hadn't arrived on friday afternoon.  I finally decided i was going to eat lunch/dinner and take a nap- well deserved after all the cleaning.  I ate Arbys and off to dreamland i went.......
I woke up in a middle of a contraction....... and It did not feel right... and I've had one of those a few times but this was super scary.  my contraction would not stop............. and it would keep going for number of minutes and nearly kill me.  I was laying there thinking ok i want this to stop now.  andy finally helped me sit up and it kind of subsided- and I thought i need to go to the bathroom and walk around or something.  I went to the bathroom and....... then Victoria just wouldn't move.  I poked her i shook my belly- my tummy was hard as a rock but no baby movement..... I started to freak out as any mom knows when your baby isn't moving espically after a bad contraction like that you freak.  I told andy she wasn't moving and he got very nervous and.. told me to call the dr. it was right at 5pm when they were done for the day at the doctors office so they had to beep the dr and have him call us right back.... I was pretty sure we would end up at the hostipal because that was just WEIRD.  Dr called back and andy explained in man sense what happened LOL and he is like have her drink some orange juice, lay down for a hour and the baby should move...... if not then call me back and we'll meet up at the hostipal. so lay down i went on my left side........... and victoria did start kicking............ and SO did my contractions..... they went from 7 mins apart to about 3-5 minutes apart.  Andy is like well, screw it, I am sick of waiting to see if its the real labor so we are going in and we are NOT leaving without a baby. HAHA andy. thanks.  

We go in............ my contractions stopped (what the hell?!) but the nurse said the dr did want to talk about inducement on sat morning since i am almost 40 weeks. (40 weeks monday) but wanted to send me home.  Andy is like NO. we are not leaving here because our ins will make us pay twice.  dr said ok fine you can stay and then asked us to do a non stress fetal test with tori where I had to feel her kicking and press a button. that was fun.  Not.. Carrie and I and andy all hung out for a few hours watching my contractions and watching t.v.  
Andy went home to sleep to get ready for the big day- I was so sure dr would let me go and have this baby.  I was ready! 3 am..... I had a KILLER contraction the same one like at 3pm that afternoon............ and it went for i think about 5 minutes long or 6 min.  and there were a couple dips.  the nurse came back in and said, ok this is called triple chain contraction. which means you have 3 contractions that are happening at the same time on top of each other.  Great...... I don't want that. Thank You - it hurts.   No food. great. damn it.
 7 30am- they wake me up to wait for the dr to meet about inducement.... what a quack.  I couldn't eat breakfast because of the stupid contraction at 3 am. Carrie and I filled andy in what happened at 3 am........ and he was like but they said ur ok right? uh yes if i wasn't they would have gotten the baby out right away and you would have gotten a phone call. 
finally at 10 am after a Long time of waiting........ the dr shows up.. I am a little irriated because i could have slept until 9 30 but WHATEVER. I want to meet HER.  Dr says: ok fine, I will induce you..... but if it doesn't work then you have to go home and wait for her to come on her own terms.  Dr also DX me with Irriatable uterus..... and the only cure: is having the baby. Great. thanks. she better come.  so they got the water IV in, the pictoin started.. and that took about a hour to do because they couldn't figure out the machine....
so at around 11 30 they got the pitcoin running and i am drinking apple juice, orange juice and popsicles and chilling and chatting.
12 30 they brought me a cup of broth and some jello.............. real food. seeing as I hadn't ate since 3pm the day before (except for some M and M's carrie snuck me  she is awesome) carrie was fixing my table.......... and my water broke......... I was like...... I think...... my water not sure but.......... gush....... yes.... carrie is like can i look? im like uve seen everything haha! she checked and yep it broke... and what a MESS.  so the nurses came in and we're like water broke... and they looked and confirmed that my water did indeed break. Great.  so they changed my sheets, changed my gown and i went pee... Yay they went to report to Dr that i was going to be having the baby in a few hours.....around 1pm... things were moving right along, my contractions started getting worse, and they were coming really fast and strong.  Please god don't let this kill me now!!! At this time I opted to ask for a epidural.  Lamaze class was the best thing EVER for this birth...... I think if i never learned the technqiues from this class. I would probably have been throwing stuff at everyone in the room.. and swearing.  I only swore once.... and my nurses knew exactly what i just said- and theyre like Yep we know and it was funny.  I told andy quite a few times we were NOT having anymore children...............and how much it hurt.  holy cow. 2:30 rolls around.. my epidural guy strolls in and asks how i am doing and how dilated I am...... and the nurse says 8 cm.. and hes like do u still want the epidural.......I m like PUT THE damn THING IN now. hes like you have to be nice to me..... Ugh i just want IT IN now (thinking: what?!  I am in Fooking pain and you're asking me to be nice to you, you are a man, you do not understand, you deserve to have ur balls chopped off in order to understand why i want the epidural NOW) so he puts it in, and I cried the whole time because my contractions were killing me.. the needle didn't hurt much the contractions hurt more. that was 3pm... the epidural was put in in just enough time to take away the pain of the contraction.....and they said yep ur a 10 ur ready to roll.  so they called the 30 people in the room that they have to have in a room for a birth. and they asked if it was my first or 2nd? I was like my 2nd.  the nurse said oh it will go much faster with her now.  I was like uh ok i just want her out. 5 big pushes and she was born a little grayish-pretty pink looking little girl. Victoria Marie 7 lbs 13 oz  I immediately start shaking like I had the chills or seizures.  I feel bad but I was just not interested in holding her at all at that moment.. i looked at her and i was like ok shes out and shes fine...... now i just need time to stop shaking and feel like myself.  andy was worried about me since with vincent i was able to have him and push him out and hold him right away.  It took me 50 mins after tori was born to want to hold her.  Its not to say I loved both of my kids any different, its just the birth situations were VERY different.  I love both of my kids more than anything else in the world... it is because of them, I know I was put on this earth to be their mother.  I feel it every time vincent hugs me in that "only for mommy" way and Victoria leans her head on my shoulder and snuggles.  In those quiet short moments I have with my babies............ I realize over and over, I was blessed with 2 amazing gifts that I will hold for a lifetime knowing they both have left their handprints on my heart.  I will never forget the memories, the joy.. the love of raising 2 kids.  the struggles with having 2 kids 2 years apart is hard but I wouldn't trade any minute of it.  My kids are meant to be mine. :)

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