Thursday, November 17, 2011

what is it like having a 2 year old??

Two Year olds.......... are FUN........... and DEVIOUS.

Here is how my day goes now with the children- and I lovingly refer to vincent as a demon child-mind you he is sweet as pie.. but has his Devil moments.......... Tori so far is the Diva. :)

Diva gets up at 7-730 am.... Eat, and be changed
7:45 to about 9:00 playtime for Diva...
Vincent gets up around 8-830- potty and cereal and milk
Callilou goes on the tv... 
9- time to eat for Tori again and change and dressed for the day
930- vincent dressed and potty again or change depending on his MOOD. 
10:30 Diva gets cranky.. and crankier...... vincent gets mad because I am dealing with DIVA and decides to go off and......create trouble that i will find... and later yell about.
11- tori eats again and she plays for a while usually off to nap around 11:30 -12 30 depending on the day and what time she gets up.
I find mess- clean up and yell at vincent and put him in a chair... 
Making lunch......
eat lunch........
play with vincent
1:30-2:30 Diva wakes up and wants to eat. Vincent gets mad again because Diva cut his play time short with mommy- he goes off to create another mess or whine about why Wii isn't playing callilou or Bar-fart_ney... lord help me. 
Tori gets changed after eat.. then its play time and I clean up the mess Evil child makes.. I beg said evil child to take a nap- no go.
I guess if Diva cut his playtime short with mommy and Diva takes up mommys attention he must stay up all day so he can drive me crazy- boy am I a glutton for punishment now!
4:00- vincent starts getting cranky- hungry for a snack- eats snack- Diva usually screams for food too.- feed and change - I look at the clock and think to myself.. praise sweet baby jesus 2 hours to kill until andy gets home and i can pass off the devil child on him.  
5:00 sometimes tori takes a very short late nap.
vincent has made numberous mess and most likely will make a mess before dad arrives home just for the hell of it.. by the end of the day, I have said about 1,000 Nos, Please don't. and you better think twice before you......................... 
Diva just screams all day when she isn't being paid attention to and it is most likely to happen when Devil child makes a mess and i must clean.

Man.. a two year old is exhausting............. but Vincent yet has so MUCH energy.  I think I should ask him to bottle it up and give it to momma.. he sure loves me........... but he still likes being evil.  


Off to another day tomorrow.......

Stay Tuned- vincent's first Christmas parade this weekend in GB. :) YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :)

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