Thursday, May 10, 2012

the bed time trick

Bed Times are my favorite part of the night- MY KIDS finally go to bed!  and leave me alone for several hours. Hallejuah!!! haha.  don't get me wrong. I love them to pieces.. but when i am reading a good book or seeing a good show on Net flix that I can't wait to see the next show of.. Or finish the book and so on. :)  

the other night I tricked Vincent into going to bed early.... and I told my friend I just earned the worst mom of the year award but it was pretty funny.   Haha.  OK.. well, I JUST recently moved the box of books upstairs so now Vince and I.. and eventually Victoria and I will snuggle in their beds and read bed time stories. :)  Part of this now, is learning how to listen to mommy read and not reading other books and just relaxing and listening to the stories.  Vincent is a hyper little 2 year old at 9:30 at night this particular night.. I started reading a book... and he was reading other books and jumping around and pretty much not listening to me... I finally glanced at him and said.. Hey bud? you want me to leave right? and Vince said Yeah.  I was like Ok, I guess Story time is over and I picked up all the books and put them back in the box.. and said I guess its time for bed now since you don't want to listen to mommy read you some stories.  Vincent at this point started freaking out and crying and being like I really want to finish the books and i'll listen im sorry... and I was like.. No you were playing anyway.. and not listening and you wanted me to leave, so I'll leave.. maybe you'll learn to listen next time.. and he was STILL crying ( obviously tired out) and I said nighty- night buddy.. I'll see you in the morning I love you.. and hes like (cries) i love you too... ( ibet he was thinking I was a horrible mean mommy for doing that to him ) 
I later texted a friend that night.. saying ha-ha! i earned the worst mom of the year award tonight.. but it was pretty funny to me.  

Vincent-im glad to say now all  i have to say is? You want me to stop and leave??? and he knows.. he's like ok i'll lay down and listen.  It is so hard for him to do at almost 3 years old but he is learning.  He Throughly enjoys the hungry caterpillar. I can't wait until he is a little older so we can do a caterpillar project so he learns more about what caterpillars do and how they become a butterfly. :) way cool.


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