Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toddler Speak

Most of you already know that Vincent was having or is having difficulty in speaking english.  Haha.  I just wanted to update you that he has been really trying harder now to talk more and it has gotten hilarious to just see the things he has to say.  As a deaf mom- i'm proud that he signs... but I want him to also function in the hearing world like I do.. speaking, writing, reading... it will take him far in life.  It has been really interesting to see the things he has to really say and what is on his mind.

Vincent is very self centered now......... everything begins with ME, or I.  

he also yells............. ME WANT PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!

It is so funny to see the language he is picking up and how he spends hours giggling over the smallest thing.  Tonight i was telling him good night and giving him hugs and kisses.. and (yes at 3) he doesn't like the kisses anymore and wipes them off his cheeks.. BUT he asks for more and laughs... so  I think he still likes it but is making a game out of it.  He has really begun a language explosion the last few months where he is picking up so many signs/words.. and also with me letting him watch signing Tv shows (blue clues, signing time) he has been really learning more.  I have never been prouder of him.  

I think there is some speech delay though... the key will be to find out to what degree and how to help him catch up with his peers.  Hopefully he won't hate us for all the work we will have to do with him. :)  I had speech thearpy as a kid and I hated it........ I guess I never thought about how it would be like from a hearing kid point of view- they should speak english fine and shouldn't need the help..... so I hope I can make vincent feel ok about having to go and that he gets the extra help now while he still is little.  It is hard.. so many worries.. so much love and life.

I have to share though: Victoria said Mama tonight. :) she was looking at me and going MMMMMMMMMM, Mama! little tiny voice she has. :)  I'm just thrilled because vincent said dada first before mama. (but he did sign mama before dada)  Victoria isn't really into signing at all.. she knows what signs are and what are the same repetive signs we use daily.  Time will tell in the next few months if she will really ever pick up ASL like her brother has.  I was also cleaning up the house tonight... and Vincent got his animals and pooh blankie and said good night to his dad and basically put himself up in bed by himself.. I was like you are getting so big that you know you are supposed to be going to bed.. Wow.  :( My babies are growing up.. the next I know.. i will be blogging about all the activities they do and how much time I spend texting/driving.. Haha. 

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