Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I miss before I had children...

a different topic today than normal... I decided to write about the things I miss that I did.. before I had the children

1. Being able to finish a book in a day.......... and they said rome was built in a day (not if you have 2 toddlers)

2. Going out when I feel like it (have to pre-plan, sitter, and pack the kids bag)

3. Eating a Hot meal..... My kids eat before I do and by the time i get to it.. it is cold and yucky.. and then i warm it up in the mircowave... and someone falls.......... there goes the dinner. 

4. a clean house.. in all areas... at all times. (it looks like a war zone much of the time.. with toys waiting to be set off and blast your ear with loud music.. and they wonder why kids are going deaf) 

5. Taking a shower... and a long one.  

6. going food shopping without having children present/or begging for food

7. watching a entire movie without falling asleep....... yep.. I get so exhausted i can't even finish a movie. 

8. having a house full of food.... longer.. my almost 3 year old boy begs for snacks almost hourly now.. he is like a garbage disoposal that cannot stop eating.  

9. not having to feel vibrations to make sure that my kids are behaving... and checking on them a lot.. more often than not.. they are wrestling (yes my kids wrestle now) or fighting over a toy they just cannot share.. and when it gets really quiet then they are having too much fun and doing something that is a no no.

10.  sitting on the couch in a total clean house and proud of my work and feel great it can stay clean for a while... doesn't happen when you have children.  

11. again, reading a book in one or so day.. It takes me weeks now to finish a book........... man. 

Don't get me wrong.. this isn't complaining about my kids at all... I just have certain things that I miss.. before I had my children... but my life is much fuller now because of them... Every morning I get to get up to see the 2 most beautiful faces on this earth. I get to play (most of the day) with my kids and be The cool silly mommy and make my kids laugh.. even though i can't hear them laugh, I see the smile reach up to their eyes and they (esp vincent) yells Mommy you funny!!!!!!! Nothing makes my heart sing than my ability to make my kids giggle.  I hurt when my kids hurt.. I hate telling them no and seeing them cry but I know in the long run it will make them a stronger person.   My favorite part of the day-- is when I get to sit on the couch with both of them and watch some t.v. and we all snuggle.. sometimes its a movie and we get to eat popcorn.  Every night I put them to bed... and I silently sing Hallejuah because I get to spend some  ME time finally but.. I'm always thankful that I am THEIR mommy.  Life isn't so bad when you have two hearts to love and love forever.  Not so bad after all. :) 

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  1. This post made me giggle. I know you love love your kids, I have seen love in your eyes when you talk about your kids or when you talk about them, and you are right though--life DOES change once you have kids!!!