Monday, December 15, 2014

Catching up :)

HI to my dear, faithful readers-

It was recently brought to my attention, a few people have missed my blogs/ my funny stories about my lovely children.  Let's update you on all that has inspired since my VERY LONG BREAK... :) 

Vincent is 5.5 years old now, and attends a Elmentary School in our district.  He is a very happy, sweet, mellow boy.  He has a mad passion for his Ninja Turtles-- He wants to bring it everywhere he goes.  He is a very good friend at school, He has a lot of friends but the one we hear the most about everyday is R.  R and V are always together on the playground and do everything if possible together.  They are also cousins but further down the family tree- More about that later.  He is a stellar big brother to his little sister Victoria-- 

Victoria has grown from a little 1 year old to a 3.5 year old- a full, motivated little girl that she is.  She is high energy and is always finding things to stay busy with.  her passion is still Minnie Mouse- although she has partipcated in the Frozen craze--- (how many of you mom's now know Let It Go by heart) Yea! She has recently discovered the art of making friends and "staying" friends.  She looks foward to the day that she can have more friends in school like her big brother.  She adores Vincent and wants to do everything he does even if it hurts trying. :) 

I am still a busy stay at home mom- but i've recently discovered a new passion which i absoutely love and have been working on a few pieces- is doing/completeting cross-stitch works of art and quilts.  I am currently making one for christmas with a beautiful snowman on the front- it is kind of christmassy and fits the season.  In a month's time- I will be putting that aside and starting to work on my sister B's quilt for her new baby that will arrive in June 2015- we are all thrilled for her and J. Life is truly wonderful.  I am looking into how to occupy my time once Toribear goes to 4k in the fall- possibly returning to school and working towards a bachelor's degree.  It will feel good to have that finished.  

We have since lost Lady to cancer in September 2014-- It was too much taking care of 2 very young children so my sister graciously stepped in and took care of lady for me during her last few beautiful years on earth.  It was found that Lady had mouth cancer which is pretty common with her major breed (border collie) Lady was a mutt type of dog as well.  She held on for as long as she could- then she went very quickly and peacefully.  I will always miss my sweet little Lady but I know she is running across the fields of heaven with our sweet trooper who we lost in august 2010.  It is so good to know that Lady has a few people/animals up there with her waiitng for our return one day.

Andy is still floating around here somewhere.  he works now for BT-fuel in green bay-- NO MORE COMMUTE- YES! he stays busy with work and his games and he has discovered a new hobby- flying helicopters--- he has shared that love with his Dad- so they go fly helicopters together a lot. Vince now has expressed a interest in flying those things-- but Vincents passion is really more focused on remote control cars. But anything mechanic that them boys can control makes them boys happy while us girls look on and go back to our craft projects.

Next up is Vincent's winter concert-- he will be with at least another 100 children including himself. there are about 6 kindergarten classes at the school he is at now. his entire school is about 780! Imagine that. thats not counting the staff walking around everyday.  I am SO excited.  I really really hope Vince sings well but well.. they are 5 and 6 year olds. :)  That night we are also making gingerbread houses with andys  stepmom and his family. vince says he will make a huge one full of candy- judging from last year i Believe him.  Victoria and I will complete one together as her attention span is not that long and she just does it long enough to get a good sugar high, and off she goes to run and play :)  I LOVE CHRISTMAS! :) 

Much Joy to your family from Ours!! 


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